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Experience Alaska: America’s Last Frontier

Posted February 15th, 2011 by Molly Demmer

Based on an article by Jayme Madson and Molly Demmer for Tonka Times Magazine.

There are few places in our world that offer as much natural diversity as Alaska. With majestic mountain peaks, breathtaking ocean coasts, green temperate forests and an abundance of wildlife rarely seen in other parts of the world, Alaska is truly America’s last frontier. Below are three Alaskan experiences that invite travelers to explore, understand and celebrate the natural wonders of our 49th state.

Experience 1: Explore Alaska on a Luxury Cruise Expedition

Guests explore on Zodiac in Southeast Alaska

Small Ship Alaska Cruises into Pure Wilderness

Cruising is one of the most popular ways to see this bustling tourist destination. But for those looking to also experience Alaska’s untarnished beauty; we suggest taking a closer look at the Alaskan adventure expeditions offered by Lindblad National Geographic Expeditions. Compared to large cruise ships that often carry upwards of 6,000 passengers per sailing, Lindblad’s luxury expedition vessels carry only 62 passengers per expedition. It’s this small size that affords passengers the opportunity to venture where others can’t, with experts who know Alaska best.

Taking You Where Others Can’t

From the moment you wake on board a Lindblad National Geographic Alaska cruise, you will feel intimately connected to Alaska’s pristine wilderness. Stay on board as the ship takes you within feet of tumbling waterfalls and majestic blue glaciers, or disembark to explore further. Naturalist-lead zodiac expeditions bring you closer than you’ve ever been (and probably ever will be) to some of Alaska’s most unique wildlife, including sea lions, brown bear and humpback whales. Kayak, bike and hiking expeditions are also available for adventure-seekers looking to venture out and explore remote coves, rainforests and trails.

Learning from Lindblad’s Naturalists

As the sun sets, passengers and crew alike come together in the ship’s cozy lounge to sit back, sip cocktails, dine on fresh local cuisine, and reminisce about the day’s events. It is here that Lindblad’s naturalists and photographers share their wisdom with an engaged group of like-minded travelers through entertaining and educational presentations. This “must experience” tradition is only one of many that makes a Lindblad expedition truly unique.

Experience 2: Photograph Brown Bears in Katmai National Park

Will Bracken Brown Bear

Travel Beyond consultant Matt Bracken has travelled the world. His adventures have brought him face-to-face with the mountain gorillas of Rwanda and the great white sharks of False Bay in South Africa. But it’s Matt’s dad, Will Bracken, who enjoyed a fly-in photography expedition to Hallo Bay Wilderness Camp in Alaska’s Katmai National Park. It is here where he had the privilege of photographing Alaska’s elusive brown bear. His first encounter was not only captured on film, but also in writing. To read his journal entries and see his stunning photography, visit his blog post here.

Experience 3: Hike with Kennicott Wilderness Guides (Special Blog Extra)

Small Plane Alaska Exploration

For Alaskan travelers looking for more adventure, Kennicott Wilderness Guides offer activities designed to merge natural beauty and active exploration into unforgettable experiences. These expert naturalists and explorers are based out of Kennicott, Alaska, in the midst of the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve. The park preserve features remant volcanoes, twisting rivers, spectacular glaciers and unmarked trails. With so much to see and only two roads in the vast reserve, expert guides are essential to a safe and exciting experience.

Kennicott Wilderness Guides offer half day and full day activities that range from family friendly glacier hikes to ice climbing to explorations into the alpine ecosystem to learn about the region’s mining history. One of the company’s most popular activities involves a small plane ride to the middle of the Alaskan wilderness, where guests and guides are dropped off for a day of adventure. Here, Kennicott Wilderness Guides can arrange anything from family hikes to romantic picnics, surrounded by pure Alaskan beauty.

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